Most frequent questions and answers

If you need your parts ASAP, we recommend sending your model via email to info@prodpoint.com and calling us (01394822025) to accelerate the process. Depending on the part and quantity, we can often get your parts ready in a day.

We use custom FDM(Fused Deposition Modelling) 3D printers in-house. We also use a few close partners that allow us to produce parts with other technologies such as SLA, SLS and MJF when required.

As a general rule, features below 0.5mm will not show in your model. It is possible to print smaller features by integrating them onto sidewalls. For more information, check our design guide(coming soon).

We have a few processes that can applied to improve the finish of your parts including sanding, spray-painting, and solvent treatment. These are currently only available on production orders (£1000+)

We currently offer PLA, ABS, TPU and PETG. You can read more about each of these materials on the homepage.

We currently stock fourteen basic colours in PLA. See the full range here(page coming soon). We can also source material to your specific desired RAL colour code, however this is only available on production orders (min £1000).

The cost of your print will depend on the print time. If you have a model ready you can get a quote here. If you haven’t got a model yet, you can see examples of prices here(article coming soon). If you’re looking to print a large batch, you’ll get the best price by contacting us directly for a quote.