Our/ London is a distillery based in Hackney Downs, London producing artisan gins and vodka since 2015. The company recently decided to launch a range of CBD drinks and thus required a series of parts to implement the new bottles onto their production line. We carried out the process of digitising the existing designs through manual measurements, before making adjustments and producing the final CAD model.

The final designs were printed in ABS at a layer resolution of 200 microns, and medium infill. The result was a series parts that fitted, produced within a few days and delivered under-budget.

“Parts fitted perfectly from the first iteration, it allowed us to get things moving fast.” Matt Lovell, Our/London

Cost: £280

Lead-time: less than five days

3D printed Jig for bottles
Production line with 3D printed Jigs
Distillery equipment in Hackney Downs