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We run our printers 24/7, this not only brings your parts super-quick, it also means it allows us to deliver parts with a low price guarantee.


Our printers run 24/7 allowing us to print many parts very quicky. Our current record is 3240 components in less than 24hrs.


Our machines are calibrated to ensure high dimensional accuracy. Each part is checked for quality. Only the best parts leave the factory.

Who we’ve worked with

Prototype production

Rolls Royce

The design process was seamless and I received my small batch of unique earring holders in just a week.

Louise Sant
Batch production – 250+ Parts
Price Industries Ltd.
We are very pleased with the end product. Good communication, fast response, great work and a good price!
Roy van der Weijden
Product Development

Too often, great ideas are brought to a halt by the technical challenges faced in the design process. Our team of expert design engineers are here to solve just that. From the sprout of an idea, to the launch in production, we’ll tailor solutions that will save you time and money.

Have an idea you’d like to bring to life?


Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering

The best new ideas come from existing ideas. If only you could extract the benefits of an existing idea to maximise your new idea. At PRODPOINT, we’re use to reverse engineering and chances are we can help with your request. Why not give us a call or e-mail us?

 Imagine what could be sitting just behind that blind spot.


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